CadNSDI (Formerly Geographic Coordinate Data Base)

CadNSDI is the geospatial representation of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) in the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Land and Resource Information System (LRIS). This is the authoritative PLSS Geographic Information System (GIS) dataset and is the framework for land tenure activities in the BLM. The Utah BLM Cadastral program has completed the conversion of the digital PLSS portrayal to the CadNSDI v2.0 data standard. A Utah BLM CadNSDI v2.0 geodatabase conforms to the current FGDC Cadastral Data Standard. The version 2 schema will be maintained on a regular basis with publication dates/vintage located in the MetadatGlance feature class.

The coordination with other data stewards of non BLM jurisdictions, for the operations and maintenance of the CadNSDI is the responsibility of the Branch of Cadastral Survey.

For the National CadNSDI/GCDB Site and download information, Click Here.