Stewardship Contracting

Stewardship Contracting: A new tool for BLM to do land treatments at the landscape scale. To make a long story short, stewardship contracting provides for combining the flexibility of a service contract with a product removal contract. Other aspects of stewardship contracting are:

  • Contracts or agreements can be up to 10 years
  • Goods can be exchange for services:
  • Awards are based on "Best Value"

The primary objective of a stewardship contracting project is to achieve one or more of the land management goals that meet local and rural community needs. These goals as identified in the authoring legislation, may include, but are not limited to:

  • Road and trail maintenance or obliteration for improved water quality 
  • Soil productivity, habitat for wildlife and fisheries, or other resource values; 
  • Setting prescribed fires to improve composition, structure, condition, and health of stands or to improve wildlife habitat; 
  • Removing vegetation or other activities to promote healthy forest stands, reduce fire hazards or achieve other land management objectives;
  • Watershed restoration and maintenance;
  • Restoration and maintenance of wildlife and fish habitat;
  • Control of noxious and exotic weeds and reestablishing native plant species;

Upcoming Stewardship Contracting Meetings:
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