Utah BLM Forestry

Utah BLM Forestry
The Bureau of Land Mangement places great emphasis on sustaining ecological and social systems. Since forests provide valuable fish and wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and clean water, the BLM must manage forests in a manner that considers the needs of future generations. That means the BLM must manage wildland fire effectively and ensure that timber harvesting practices are consistent with forest health goals.

Stewardship Contracting
BLM's Stewardship Contracting is way to enter into long term contracts with local small businesses, communities, and non-profit organizations to improve forest, woodland, and rangeland health; improve fish and wildlife habitat; and reduce wildfire risk. Stewardship Contracting allows BLM to trade goods, like firewood; for services, like tree thinning to improve ecosystem health and reduce hazardous fuels. Where the value of the goods will only partially offset the cost of the services, BLM has the option to pay the contractor to cover the cost of the services. More>>> 

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