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Where Can I Buy Native Seed?

The demand for native plant materials has increased significantly over the past several years because of the amount and kinds of disturbances that have occurred and are occurring on the Colorado Plateau, and because of the desire to restore these ecosystems to a more resilient state.  Nationally, the Bureau of Land Management purchases a tremendous amount of seed for revegetation purposes, mostly for fire rehabilitation. 

Help in Finding Native Seed

The best source for information regarding the availability of native seed for restoration efforts in on the Native Seed Network web page.

From here you can Search For Seed by State and by Ecoregion The CPNPP Colorado Plateau program includes three EPA Level III Ecoregions (Colorado Plateaus, Arizona-New Mexico Plateaus, and Arizona-New Mexico Mountains – see figure below). 

Native Seed Recommendations

In addition, you can get species recommendations for each of these ecoregions (click on links below or on map).

Colorado Plateau Ecoregion Arizona-New Mexico Plateaus Ecoregion Arizona-New Mexico Mountains Ecoregion Level III Ecoregions Map

Easy Steps for Finding and Selecting Native Plant Materials

Step 1. Go to the Native Seed Network web page (see figure below)

Step 2. Click on the “Search seed for sale” link

Step 3.  From here, you can search for seed by name, duration, growth habit, source state, and or by EPA Level 3 Ecoregion.


Note: At this point the availability of native seed from sources within EPA’s Colorado Plateaus, Arizona/New Mexico Plateau, and the Arizona/New Mexico Mountains Ecoregions is very limited, so we suggest that you at least attempt to get seed from the State where your restoration project is occurring