Special Status Animals

BLM Lands provide habitat for listed or proposed threatened and endangered animal species that are candidates for Federal listing under the Endangered species Act. The BLM 's threatened and endangered species program strives to . . .

  • Manage habitats of special status plants to avoid endangering the species.
  • Recover populations of listed species so that the protections afforded by the Endangered Species Act are no longer necessary.
  • Conserve significant natural areas, such as rare, vulnerable, and representative habitats and ecosystems.

BLM works closely with the Fish and Wildlife Service, other Federal agencies, States, individual scientists, and private landowners to develop and implement programs for recovering federally listed species.

The Utah Conservation Data Center (UCDC) is the central repository for Utah biodiversity information. Although the UCDC focuses primarily on Utah's rare native species and other high-interest species (game animals and raptors, for example), information on all Utah vertebrate wildlife species, many invertebrate species, and numerous plant species is available.