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Master Leasing Plans

In accordance with section II of Washington Office Instruction Memorandum 2010-117 (Oil and Gas Leasing Reform – Land Use Planning and Lease Parcel Reviews), Master Leasing Plans (MLP) are mechanism for completing the additional planning, analysis, and decisionmaking that may be necessary for areas meeting the listed criteria.  Field offices may be familiar with Master Development Plans (MDP) (e.g., Plans of Development (POD), Full-Field Development analysis documents, etc.), that support individual post-lease development decisions. Unlike the MDP, the MLP process will be conducted before lease issuance and will reconsider RMP decisions pertaining to leasing. Similar to the MDP, the MLP will analyze likely development scenarios and varying mitigation levels, but at a less site-specific level than would typically be conducted in an MDP where a development plan has been fully defined by the operator(s).

The MLP process will be conducted through the NEPA process using an interdisciplinary team that will coordinate and/or consult with the public and other stakeholders that may be affected by the BLM’s MLP decisions. The MLP will ordinarily be initiated as a land use plan amendment. However, if it is anticipated that the likely outcome of the MLP will not result in the creation of new lease stipulations or changes to existing RMP decisions warranting a plan amendment, it may not be necessary to initiate the MLP as a plan amendment. The MLP process may also be combined with a plan revision process if schedules permit.

BLM-Utah MLP Strategy (08/2015)

Moab MLP     

San Rafael Desert MLP

Cisco Desert MLP 

San Juan MLP | Fact Sheet

Vernal MLP Assessment | Map

Attachment 1 - Dinosaur Lowlands
Attachment 2 - Eastern Book Cliffs

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