Forms, Regulations and Records

Oil and Gas Leasing Forms
Commonly used forms for Oil and Gas Leasing can be downloaded below.

Competitive Oil & Gas Lease Bid Form 3000-2 
Credit Card Payment Requirements and Form 1372-2 
Offer to Lease and Lease for Oil & Gas Form 3100-011
Assignment of Record Title Form 3000-3 
Transfer of Operating Rights Form 3000-3a 

For more information on how to bid on oil and gas leases on the public lands see more.

Oil and Gas Bond Forms
Oil & Gas Lease Bond Form 3000-4 
Oil & Gas Exploration Bond Form 3000-4a 
Oil & Gas Bond Assumption of Liability Rider Form

Oil and Gas Development Forms
Exploratory Unit Agreements BLM Manual
Exploratory Unit Agreements BLM Handbook
Enhanced Recovery Unit Instructions (Involuntary Pooling)
Utah Spacing Orders by County (UDOGM) 
Federal Unit Agreement Form 

Oil and Gas Agreement Operator Handbooks
Utah State Office (pdf format)
     - Exploratory Units
     - Communitization Agreements
     - Enhanced Recovery Units 

Oil and Gas Data
Oil and gas data and other information can be found at the State of Utah Division of Oil Gas and Mining Home Page 
     - Utah Oil and Gas Wells and Production Statistics 
     - Oil and Gas Links (at UDOGM) 

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