Geothermal Energy

Roosevelt Geothermal Plant

Utah has two geothermal electrical generation power plants, Cove Fort and Roosevelt Hot Springs, located in the central and southwestern portion of the state.  Both sites are proposing redevelopment and expansion of their respective geothermal resources. BLM anticipates that the Forest Service will also release an environmental assessment for leasing of three geothermal parcels adjacent to the Cove Fort site. 

BLM Utah plans to hold a competitive geothermal lease sale, pending finalization of leasing regulations required by changes in the Energy Policy Act.

Geothermal Leasing


Results of Sale
    Competitive Sale Results 
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    Competitive Sale Statistics 
    Competitive Sale Summary

Sale Information
    Notice of Competitive Lease Sale (NCLS)
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    Bidder Registration Form 
    Lease Bid Form 3000-2 

Errata 10-13-2016 
Errata 10-20-2016

Maps of Proposed Geothermal Parcels

Statewide Map

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The associated environmental assessment (EA) and unsigned finding of no significant impact (FONSI) are available on BLM Utah's Land Use Planning and NEPA Register (ePlanning) for the Color Country District EA. Links are also posted below.

NEPA number DOI-BLM-UT-0000-2016-0002-EA  
- Environmental Assessment 
- Decision Record 
- Finding of No Significant Impact


Geothermal Sale Parcels - October 2016


UTM Zone 12 Datum NAD83






Potential Effects on Significant Thermal Features Checklist 

Notice for Utah Geothermal Lease Sale Nominations 

Nomination of Lands for Competitive Geothermal Leasing Form 3203-1 

Lease Sale Archive 

Lands Available Over the Counter - 2 Years

Q&A's for Geothermal Leasing

Geothermal Resource Leasing and Geothermal Resources Unit Agreements Final Rule -46K