Successful Competitive Lease Sales Since 1990, Utah

BLM Utah maintains records of coal lease sales during the year.  This table provides information about lease sales based on the Lease by Application (LBA) serial number, which is used to identify  and track applications.  Sometimes, the applicant is not the same as the final lessee because during the bidding process, someone may submit a larger bid than the applicant.

Data in this table may not add up to the state-specific totals listed on the BLM's national coal page because the national table includes information, such as lease modifications and relinquishments not included here.

LBA Serial Number


Federal Register Notice

Acres Offered (per sale notice)

Tons Offered (per sale notice)

Successful Bid



Lessee (as issued)

Effective Date


 Cyprus-Plateau Mining

Vol.54, No.229 Pg. 49363






 Cyprus Western Coal



 Beaver Creek Coal Co.

Vol.55, No.105 Pg. 22105






 Beaver Creek Coal Co. 



 Andalex Resources Inc.

Vol.55, No.105 Pg. 22105






 AMCA Coal Leasing Co.



 Genwal Coal Co.

Vol.58, No.225 Pg. 62129






 Nevada Electric Inv. 50% and Intermountain Power 50%



 Sage Point Coal Co.

Vol.60, No.120 Pg. 32559






 Sage Point Coal Co.



 Coastal States Energy Co.

No. 84 Pg. 19082






 Coastal States Energy Co.



 Cyprus-Plateau Mining

Vol.61, No.236 Pg. 64756






 Cyprus Western Coal



 Horizon Coal Corp.

Vol.63, No.71 Pg. 18209






 Horizon Mining LLC



 Coastal States Energy Co.

Vol.64, No.53 Pg. 13596






 Canyon Fuel Co. LLC



 Andalex Resources Inc.

Vol.66, No.216 Pg. 56336






 Andalex Resources 50% and Intermountain Power 50%



 Genwal Resources Inc.

Vol.68, No.112 Pg. 35000






 Andalex Resources 50% and Intermountain Power 50% 



 Andalex Resources Inc.

Vol.69, No.120 Pg. 35059






 Andalex Resources



 Andalex Resources Inc.

Vol.71, No.109 Pg. 33000






 Andalex Resources




Vol.71, No.144 Pg. 42658









 Consolidation Coal Co.

Vol.74, No.146 Pg. 38219






 Consolidation Coal Co.




Canyon Fuel Company LLC.

Vol. 80, No. 94 Pg. 28002






Canyon Fuel Company LLC.


Source:  Lease sales data are from BLM Utah.  For additional information, please contact the BLM Utah state office.

Definitions used in this table

Lease by Application (LBA) Serial Number:  A unique application identifier assigned by the BLM for processing the application.  Under an LBA, an application from the public to lease a particular tract of coal is submitted.

Applicant:  The applicant is the person, association, or corporation requesting the right to mine Federal coal through an LBA.  Applicants pay for BLM processing and work with the BLM through the application process.  Applicants shall meet the qualifications required in 43 CFR 3472.  Note that the applicant is not necessarily the lessee, who is the successful bidder.

Lessee (as issued):  The successful bidder for a lease who has entered into a contract with the BLM to develop Federal coal.  The successful bidder is determined by the highest bid that meets or exceeds the pre-sale Fair Market Value estimate, and has been determined to be qualified under 43 CFR 3472 to hold a lease.

Acres Offered (per sale notice):  The acres offered is the number published in the Federal Register lease sale notice or in the detailed statement of the terms and conditions of the lease provided prior to the sale.

Tons Offered (per sale notice):  The tons offered is the quantity of coal listed normally as recoverable reserve (sometimes provided as minable reserves) published in the Federal Register lease notice or in the detailed statement of the terms and conditions of the lease provided prior to the sale.  See 43 CFR 3480.0-5 for definitions of recoverable coal reserves and minable reserve base.

Successful Bid:  The amount of the bonus bid offered for a lease tract for the purpose of obtaining the right to explore and develop Federal coal.      

Effective Date:  The date the coal lease becomes effective. A lease normally becomes effective the first day of the month following the lease signature.