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Energy Production

A major part of BLM Utah's multiple-use mission includes managing non-renewable and renewable energy development and production on the public lands.  The BLM must balance existing and future energy resource development in ways that conserve the land for future generations while also meeting critical energy demands of the region and the Nation.  BLM is also tasked with ensuring that the public receives fair compensation for the Federal energy resources as they are developed.  Land use planning for energy development and use on BLM-administered lands is done with help from the public and resource developers.

Within Utah, BLM manages energy resources on 23 million acres of surface estate and 32 million acres of subsurface mineral estate.  Considerable oil, natural gas, oil shale, tar sand, coal, geothermal, wind and solar energy resources exist on lands administered by BLM.  Various types of leases, rights-of-ways and activity permits are authorized to allow for commercial exploration, development and production of energy resources while ensuring effective environmental and existing use protection.  This is how BLM achieves its' multiple-use mission. 

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