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Utah BLMer to Receive Federal Energy and Water Management Award

Contact:  Sherry Foot, (801) 539-4195

Salt Lake City,Utah—October 15, 2007—Bureau of Land Management’s Trent Duncan, Salt Lake City, Utah, will be recognized with a Renewable Energy Award at a ceremony in Washington, DC, Nov. 1.  Mr. Duncan was nominated for his leadership, expertise, skill, and ingenuity in implementing renewable energy technologies and energy management features during the renovation of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry Visitor Center.  During the renovation, Mr. Duncan managed the design and installation of facility energy management features (lighting, heating and cooling, photovoltaic system, and other sustainable building features) resulting in an estimated annual energy savings of more than $ 24,000 per year.  

The Award recognizes the contribution organizations have made toward the efficient use of energy in the federal sector during 2006.  Each year, the U.S. Department of Energy, in conjunction with the Federal Interagency Energy Policy Committee, sponsors the Federal Energy and Water Management Awards. These awards honor individuals and organizations making significant contributions to the efficient use of energy and water resources in the federal government.

Awards recognize outstanding achievements in conservation and efficient use of energy and water, use of renewable energy sources, improving the nation's energy security and reliability, and energy-efficient mobility by the federal government.

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