Tread Lightly


Part of Tread Lightly’s mission is to empower generations to enjoy the outdoors responsibly through stewardship. It works to help ease the billions of dollars in backlog of needed maintenance and repairs to federal and state land.


To accomplish this, Tread Lightly established its Restoration for Recreation program in 1997. Since then, Tread Lightly, its government partners, industry, and non-governmental partners, along with the sweat of volunteers, have been transforming damaged and degraded areas into enjoyable recreation resources. The program also educates the public about outdoor ethics to minimize future impacts.

Unique by design, Restoration for Recreation generates capital from the private sector at a time when government recreation budgets are in intensive care on life support. Tread Lightly and its partners match funding with public agency resources to rehabilitate dilapidated recreational facilities into environmentally and economically sustainable areas of beauty and enjoyment for generations to enjoy.

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