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Pariette Wetlands

Pariette Wetlands

Vernal Field Office visitors can experience one of Utah’s desert oases.  Pariette Wetlands is the oasis of the Uinta Basin. It encompasses 9,033 acres, 2,529 of which are classified wetlands or riparian. and is the largest BLM wetland development in Utah.  It is surrounded by vast miles of harsh, arid desert, yet Pariette Wetlands provide a green, marshy home for wildlife trying to survive in the desert lands of Utah.

Made up of a perennial stream and 25 man-made ponds, the marsh area harbors diverse vegetation and wildlife in a stark climate.  The site was developed in 1972 to improve waterfowl production and provide seasonal habitat for other species including ring-necked pheasant, mourning dove, sandhill and whooping cranes, and peregrine falcon. A wide variety of raptors including the bald eagle, harrier, and prairie falcon also use the area.  It has become a popular autumn hunting spot for waterfowl.

This area provides an observation point where birds and other wildlife can be viewed.  Mallard, gadwall, cinnamon teal, pintail and Canada geese are the most common waterfowl species. Herons, egrets, white-faced ibis, and American bittern are common wading bird species.  Even an occasional river otter can be seen playing in the water.  Bring along binoculars and wildlife/plant viewing guides for an unforgettable experience.


Great Blue Heron