Green River

“We’ll never see them again,” thought the small crowd as they waved goodbye to the brave and possibly doomed men.

On May 24, 1869, an expedition made up of ten men left Green River Station, Wyoming, and started down the Green River.  The leader of this expedition was Major John Wesley Powell.

This was his first trip down the Green River to the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon.  Three months later, and with only five of the ten men that started the expedition, the first party to ever traverse the Grand Canyon completed their journey.  In 1871, a second expedition made it possible for Powell to produce maps and scientific publications.  This opened the door for other river-runners to explore the aspect of fast water travel and boat design. 


Little Hole and Green River Trails

The Little Hole National Recreation Trail follows the north side of the Green River between Flaming Gorge Dam and Little Hole - seven miles down-stream.  Hiking and fishing access are the major attractions.  
  • Camping, fires, and horse use are NOT allowed on this section.
  • Mountain biking is allowed after Labor Day weekend through March 31st.
The Lower Little Hole Trail extends from Little Hole about two miles downstream.  
  • Horses and mountain bikes are welcome.  
  • Float-in and hike-in camping is allowed only in designated riverside camps.  
The Green River Trail begins at the Indian Crossing Campground and goes upstream following the river for a distance of two and a half miles to a point just across the river from Tree Tops Camp. 
  • Mountain biking and horseback riding are welcome.
  • Closed to motorized use.
Boat Ramps
Put in and take out sites are:
  • Spillway (0 miles just below dam)
  • Little Hole (7 miles below dam)
  • Indian Crossing (15.4 miles)
  • Bridge Hollow (16.2 miles)
  • Bridge Port (17.3 miles)
  • Pipeline (22 miles)
  • Swallow Canyon (26.2 miles)
  • Swinging Bridge (29.6 miles)

Green River Camping
Camping between Little Hole and Indian Crossing is restricted to designated float-in or hike-in campsites.  Campers must pack-in/pack-out all trash and build fires only in established fire rings using dead or down wood.  To use sites from March 15 to October 15, campers must register the day of use at Little Hole or reserve them on-line.  Campsites are on a first come/first served the rest of the year. 

Indian Crossing (river mile 15.4) and Bridge Hollow (river mile 16.2) provide developed campsites. There is a fee of $5 per night on a first come/first served basis.  A group site is available with reservation at a fee of $30 for a maximum of 30  people.  Call 435.885.3307 for group site reservations.  Please keep pets on a leash.

Floating and Camping Downstream of Swallow Canyon:
Below Swallow Canyon you enter Colorado and the Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge. Overnight camping on the refuge is limited to the Swinging Bridge and Crook Campgrounds; Day use on the shore is allowed.  The National Park Service requires that boaters take-out at Crook Campground, unless they have a valid and appropriately dated Gates of Ladore permit. Crook Campground is located about 5 miles upstream of the Gates of Ladore.

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Green River

                  Green River
Green River Rafting

Green River Permits
Permits are not required for private boaters from the Flaming Gorge Dam to the Crook Campground and take-out. Permits are required for commercial activity on all sections of the Green River. 

For River Flow information call: 435.885.3106 or
Bureau of Land Management
Vernal Field Office

Flaming Gorge Ranger District
Ashley National Forest

US Fish & Wildlife Service
Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge

National Park Service
Dinosaur National Monument