Maps from Record of Decision

Map TitleGeneral ViewDetailed View**
Land Ownership

Map 01a         

Map 01b 
Fire Mgt CategoriesMap 02aMap 02b
Fire RegimeMap 03a             Map 03b                     
Fire Condition ClassesMap 04a         Map 04b
Forage, Riparian & WetlandMap 05aMap 05b                                          
Lands and RealtyMap 06aMap 06b
Grazing Seasons of UseMap 07aMap 07b
Oil and Gas LeasingMap 08aMap 08b
Salable and Leasable MineralsMap 09aMap 09b
RFD AreasMap 10aMap 10b
Hill Creek ExtensionMap 11aMap 11b
Non-WSA Lands, Wilderness Char.Map 12aMap 12b
Special Recreation Management AreasMap 13aMap 13b
Special DesignationsMap 14aMap 14b
Travel-OHV Areas                           Map 15aMap 15b
Visual Resource ManagementMap 16aMap 16b
Wild Horse Herd AreasMap 17aMap 17b
WildlifeMap 18aMap 18b
Wildlife Habitat FragmentationMap 19aMap 19b
Woodcutting AreasMap 20aMap 20b















** These maps provide a more detailed view and are for information only.  They were not included in the hard copy of the ROD.  Map Figures with a “b” designation are the same as “a” maps but with the public land grid.  This allows the viewer to zoom into an area of interest and more readily determine a legal description for the area.  The viewer may then hide Layers for different map views.  

Map Figures with an “a” designation are similar to the maps found in the Proposed RMP / Final EIS.  The public land grid is not a designated layer.

Information illustrated in the provided PDF files is contained in layers so that users can control the visibility of the maps when using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, versions 6.0 and higher.

The layers can be accessed two ways:

· Option 1:  Choose the Layers Icon on the left side of the window.  To hide a layer, click on the Eye Icon.  To show a hidden layer, click on the empty box.

· Option 2:  Choose View > Navigation Panels > Layers. Then follow option 1.