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Mineral Potential Report Draft RMP

Mineral Potential Report for the Vernal Planning Area

Figures for the Mineral Potential Report 

MPR Figure 1 Vernal Planning Area  MPR Figure 17 Oil Shale Lease Areas
MPR Figure 2 Land Ownership MPR Figure 18 Phosphate Lease and Prospecting Permit Appl. Areas
MPR Figure 3 Large Scale Topographic Features MPR Figure 19 Mineral Material Cases
MPR Figure 4 Geologic Map, Stratigraphic Column Uinta Basin MPR Figure 20 Locatable Minerals Mining Claim Density Map
MPR Figure 5 (Generalized Lithologic Column) 
Figure 6 (General Geologic Structures)
 MPR Figure 21 Tar Sand Occurrence Potential
MPR Figure 7 Special Tar Sand Areas, Minor Tar Sand Deposits MPR Figure 22 Gilsonite Occurrence Potential
MPR Figure 8 Gilsonite Occurrence MPR Figure 23 Oil Shale Occurrence Potential
MPR Figures 9 (Oil Shale Reserves < 2000' Overburden), 
Figure 10 (Overburden of Mahogany Zone), 
Figure 11 (Mahogany Zone Ave. Oil Yield)
 MPR Figure 24 Phosphate Occurrence Potential
MPR Figure 12 Phosphate Occurrence MPR Figure 25 Sand and Gravel Occurrence Potential
MPR Figure 13 Mineral Materials Occurrence MPR Figure 26 Fine Sand Occurrence Potential
MPR Figure 14 Locatable Mineral Occurrence MPR Figure 27 Building Stone Occurrence Potential
MPR Figure 15 Coal Occurrence MPR Figure 28 Locatable Minerals Occurrence Potential
MPR Figure 16 Gilsonite Lease and Permit Areas  MPR Figure 29 Coal Occurrence Potential

Appendix A - Oil and Gas Development Potential

Tables for Appendix A

Table A1 Present Well Status SummaryTable A3 Present Emissions Data
Table A2 O&G Activity Surface Disturbance - Present and HistoricTable A4 O&G Activity Disturbance - Future


Figures for Appendix A

Figure A-1 Conventional Oil and Gas PlaysFigure A-4 Oil and Gas Occurrence Potential
Figure A-2 Unconventional Oil and Gas Plays

Charts for Appendix A
Figures A-5 Historical Gas Well Data Manila-Clay Basin Exploration and Development Area
Figure A-6 Historical Oil Well Data, Tabiona-Ashley E&D Area
Figure A-7 Historical Oil Well Data, Altamont-Bluebell
Figure A-8 Historical Gas Well Data -Altamont-Bluebell
Figure A-9 Historical Oil Well Data - Butte-Redwash
Figure A-10 Historical Gas Well Data - Butte-Redwash
Figure A-11 Historical Oil Well Data - West Tavaputs Plateau
Figure A-12 Historical Gas Well Data - West Tavaputs Plateau
Figure A-13 Historical Oil Well Data, East Tavaputs Plateau
Figure A-14 Historical Gas Well Data, East Tavaputs Plateau

Figure A-3 Oil and Gas Development Areas