Rangeland Management

The Vernal Office currently administers grazing on 167 allotments throughout the Vernal Planning Area (VPA).  Five grazing allotments are located entirely outside the VPA boundary and two allotments are located entirely on private land inholdings within the VPA.  The 160 allotments within the VPA - designated for livestock grazing - encompass approximately 1,691,116 acres of BLM land.  An additional 545,887 acres of other lands are included within these allotments.  Within the VPA 146,220 Animal Unit Months (AUMs) are allocated for livestock, but active permitted use for the 160 allotments are currently 137,897 AUMs. 

The area is comprised of vegetation zones from salt desert shrub, sagebrush, pinion/juniper, to aspen-Douglas fir communities.

Range Permit
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