Monitoring and Mapping

The monitoring program for the Vernal Field Office includes sampling of established plots within areas treated for hazardous fuel removal and BLM lands that have received Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation (ESR) treatments. Collection and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data is ongoing and data is recorded and compiled for analysis. The results from these ongoing analyses are then incorporated into fuels management decisions.  For example, monitoring results can influence treatment methods in an area susceptible to invasive species or may determine which seed species are most likely to flourish in a particular treatment area.  

The Vernal Field Office has also been proactive in collaborating with other federal agencies and local partners to map all fire-affected areas and those lands that have been treated with planned fire and non-fire activities.  GIS data and maps are now shared among partners to support a landscape-scale approach to hazardous fuels reduction, fire prevention in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas and ESR activities.