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Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

Mustang Pass Trail

Recommended Users: Hikers, Mountain Bikers
Type: Singletrack and Two-track
Length: 2.6 miles
Sub-Area: Mill Creek (lower) and Broken Mesa (upper)
Zone: Lowland and Upland boundary
Managing Agency:  BLM and SITLA
Access: Mill Creek Access Point—From 1-15 Exit 13 turn left (north) after exiting the off ramp. Continue 0.4 miles and then turn right leaving the pavement (driving carefully between the end of road posts). Continue 1.0 mile and turn right. Drive north another mile until reaching the NCA boundary (marked by a stepover and kiosk). Park here off the travelway, and do not block the gate. From this access point, travel north on Mill Creek Trail for 1.6 miles to reach Mustang Pass Trail. High clearance vehicles are recommended to reach this access point; during and after inclement weather, this route may be impassable.
Main Street Access Point—From I-15 Exit 8 turn west onto St. George Blvd. Turn right on 1000 East. Turn right (east) at the traffic light on Red Hills Parkway. Continue heading east as Red Hills Parkway turns into Buena Vista Boulevard until reaching Main Street. Turn left (north) on Main Street and continue until it ends at gated dirt road. Park in the shoulder well off the road on the left, but do not block the gate. 
Starting at this location will add 2.9 miles of two-track on the Mill Creek Trail before reaching the Mustang Pass Trail.
Description: Mustang Pass Trail begins on the left just past the water pump station on Mill Creek Trail; look for the trail marker. The trail to the top of the pass is singletrack, sometimes nice dirt, sometimes mixed with basalt rock. The trail climbs easily to the top over a series of long switchbacks. The Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness boundary is the north side of the trail. Views into the wilderness are of colorful sandstone hills and mountains with some of the highest capped in black basalt. The Pine Valley Mountains lie in the distance. At the top of the pass near the 2 mile mark, sits a historic retention basin and offers a short respite from the uphill climb and before careening down the other side. Despite the fire damaged landscape, desert tortoises frequent the area (probably hanging out in the basalt boulders), so use caution when biking. The trail descends down an old two-track from the retention basin, winding its way down to the Middleton Powerline Trail.
Loop: For a 6.5 or 7.8 mile loop (depending on which one of the access points above is used), travel Mill Creek Trail north to Mustang Pass Trail. At the bottom of Mustang Pass Trail, turn left on Middleton Powerline Trail. Turn right (south) onto Mill Creek Trail to return to your vehicle.

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