Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

Lange’s Dugway Trail

Recommended Users: Equestrians, Hikers, Mountain Bikers
Type:  Two-track
Length: 4.6 miles
Sub-Area: Lava Ridge
Zone: Upland
Managing Agency:  BLM
Access: Black Gulch Trailhead—From I-15 Exit 8, turn west on St. George Blvd. Turn at the first right on 1000 East. Turn left on Twin Lakes Drive. Travel north for 7 miles as Twin Lakes Drive turns into Cottonwood Road and the pavement changes to gravel. Turn right into the trailhead. Note that the upper section of Cottonwood Road is rugged and may not be suitable for small passenger cars.
Description: Lange’s Dugway Trail starts a couple hundred feet up the road on the opposite side of the trailhead. This trail, like its nearest neighbor Alger Hollow Trail, should not be overlooked. It offers wide open spaces, long views both north and south, winter mule deer, and the ability to hike off-trail. From the trailhead, Lange’s Dugway rises gently as it makes its way over to Diamond Valley. For those with good orienteering skills, there are many loop possibilities. At about 2.6 miles, Lange’s Dugway Trail intersects with Alger Hollow Trail.
The most interesting feature of the trail is at the start. In order to cross the deep Black Gulch (beautiful in its own right), Lange’s Dugway was constructed using the area’s basalt. The elevated trail bed with its tall basalt back slopes is remarkable. Closer to Diamond Valley, the trail crosses more drainages where evidence of early road construction still exists. The history of this road, probably of pioneer origin, is unknown to us.


Area Trails Map

USGS Benchmark

Dead tree on the side of the trail

View from the Lange's Dugway Trail