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Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

Hellhole Trail

Recommended Trail Users: Hikers

 2.1 miles

Difficulty: Moderate 

Sub Area: Red Mountain

Zone: Lowland
Property Management:  BLM and Private
Access: Kayenta, Ivins – A small, two car parking area is located off Taviawk Drive and is provided by Kayenta. From St. George, travel north on Bluff Street. Turn left on Sunset Blvd. and continue as the Blvd. turns into Santa Clara Drive and then Old Highway 91. Turn right into Kayenta on the Kayenta Parkway. Turn right on Evening Star Drive. Turn left on Wintook Drive. Turn right on Taviawk Drive. At the bottom of the hill just after turning on Taviawk Drive is a small pull out on the right for parking.
The first 250 feet of this trail are on private property with access provided by Kayenta.  The trail is actually the northern portion of Dry Wash.  Sand and boulders litter the wash making hiking challenging. At about 1.8 miles the wash turns to the right into Hellhole Canyon (on the left is the route for Hellhole Spur Trail). At this split in the wash the Red Mountain Wilderness begins. Over the remaining 0.3 miles, larger boulders, a bit of slick rock, and even some water pools present themselves. Most people turn around after enjoying the cool, narrow canyon as the trail gets extremely steep and several large sandstone boulders block the passage.

NOTE: The towering sandstone walls above Hellhole Canyon, produce tall, cascading waterfalls in heavy rain. While quite beautiful to behold, be aware of flash flooding in the wash. To view the waterfalls and a flash flood event you can go to this video. This was an unusual event, with 3 1/4 inches of rain falling in a matter of hours.

Area Trails Map

Upper Hellhole Trail










Lower Hellhole Trail