Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

Hellhole Spur Trail

Recommended Users: Hikers
Type: Route
Length: 0.21 miles
Difficulty: Strenuous
Sub-Area: Red Mountain
Managing Agency:  BLM
Access: Kayenta, Ivins – A small, two car parking area is located off Taviawk Drive and is provided by Kayenta. From St. George, travel north on Bluff Street. Turn left on Sunset Blvd. and continue as the Blvd. turns into Santa Clara Drive and then into Old Highway 91. Turn right into Kayenta on the Kayenta Parkway. Turn right on Evening Star Drive. Turn left on Wintook Drive. Turn right on Taviawk Drive. At the bottom of the hill just after turning on Taviawk Drive is a small pull out on the right for parking.
Description:  To gain access to the Hellhole Spur Trail, hikers must first follow the Hellhole Trail for 1.8 miles of it 2.1 mile length. At 1.8 miles, the main arm of Dry Wash turns to the right into Hellhole Canyon while the left is the drainage that constitutes Hellhole Spur Trail. This Y intersection marks the boundary of the Red Mountain Wilderness. Please remember that wilderness rules apply from here on out. Follow the drainage on the left for a short distance, picking your way through boulders and vegetation. The route leaves the drainage and climbs steeply through loose sand and rock to avoid chalk blocks before returning to the drainage.   Follow what route you can, for as long as you can, eventually cliffing out where it becomes too steep or dangerous to continue.
NOTE: The towering sandstone walls above Hellhole Canyon, produce tall, cascading waterfalls in heavy rain. While quite beautiful to behold, be aware of flash flooding in the washes.

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