Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

Chuckwalla Trail

 Recommended Trail Users: Mountain Bikers, Hikers, Horses
Type: Two track
Length: 0.91 miles
Difficulty: Easy/More Difficult (IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating)
Sub-Area: Paradise Canyon
Zone: Lowland
Property Management:  BLM and Snow Canyon State Park
Access:  Chuckwalla Trailhead – From I-15 Exit 6, turn north onto Bluff Street (State Route 18). Travel 4 miles until reaching the trailhead on the left. Watch for trail users as the trailhead entrance road crosses the SR 18 multi-use trail.

Description: Chuckwalla is a popular trail due to its close proximity to residential areas, and its connection to several other trails in Paradise Canyon (see loops below). The trail alternates between two-track and singletrack sections, with some mildly inclined stretches, as well as short stretches of sand (bikers take note). Following the heavily vegetated east side of Halfway Wash, visitors may spot cottontail rabbits, roadrunners, hawks, and a variety of reptiles. This trail offers views of beautiful red rock formations and scenic vistas. It also provides access to the Chuckwalla Wall climbing area less than .1 miles from the trailhead.

Loop 1: For a 4 mile loop start on Chuckwalla, and continue onto Turtle Wall, Paradise Rim, and Halfway Wash, effectively returning to Chuckwalla.

Loop 2: For a 4.4 mile loop, take Chuckwalla Trail to Beck Hill Trail (Chuckwalla turns into Beck Hill at its intersection with the Turtle Wall). Turn south onto Paradise Rim Trail. Turn east onto Turtle Wall Trail, which will return you to Chuckwalla Trail.

Note: Paradise Canyon provides excellent habitat for the Desert Tortoise. It is not uncommon to spot tortoises in the Spring and Summer months. Please stay on the designated trails (only those with signs) and do not disturb tortoises.

View of the red rock along the trail


Area Trails Map

Woman rockclimbing the Chuckwalla Wall

cottontail rabbit