Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

Beck Hill Trail

Recommended Users: Equestrians, Hikers, Mountain Bikers
Type: Two-track
Length: 1.4 miles
Sub-Area: Paradise Canyon
Zone: Lowland
Managing Agency:  BLM/SP
Access:  Chuckwalla Trailhead—From I-15 Exit 6, turn north onto Bluff Street (State Route18). Travel 4 miles until reaching the trailhead on the left. Watch for trail users as the trailhead entrance road crosses the SR 18 multi-use trail. Follow the Chuckwalla Trail for 0.86 miles to reach the start of the Beck Trail.
Gap Access Point—From I-15 Exit 6, turn north onto Bluff Street (State Route18). Travel 3.7 miles and turn left on Snow Canyon Parkway. Travel 1.5 miles and turn right on Castle Rock Road (enter Castle Rock Subdivision). Travel .2 miles and turn right on Cascade Canyon Drive. Continue .1 miles and look for the trail access point on the left. Park on the street. Take the Gap Trail for .06 miles, turn left on the Gecko Trail and travel .3 miles to the intersection with the Paradise Rim Trail. Travel 0.7 miles on Paradise Rim Trail (passing  Turtle Wall Trail on the right) and continue north until reaching the intersection of the Gila Trail, Paradise Rim Trail, and Beck Trail. Turn right on the Beck Trail.
Halfway Half Access Point—This trail access point has NO public parking. Trail users wishing to use this access must enter on foot from the Snow Canyon multi-use trail, (a paved trail that parallels the Snow Canyon Parkway). From Snow Canyon Trail enter the footpath on either the east or west side of Halfway Wash. Continue .4 miles until reaching the access point at the boundary of the boundary of the NCA. Travel north on the Halfway Wash Trail for .5 miles until reaching the intersection with the Turtle Wall  Trail. Turn right and take Turtle Wall Trail over Halfway Wash. Beck Trail is to the north; Chuckwalla Trail is to the south.
Description: This trail is a dirt and rocky two-track with many good for all non-motorized users. There are many opportunities to spot wildlife including roadrunners, hawks, and reptiles. This trail also often has the largest number of reported tortoise sightings during the active season.  Apart from wildlife, this trail also offers views of many red rock formations.  This trail also leads to the Turtle Wall climbing area.
Loops:  With all the trails in this area, there are multiple looping options.

Area Trails Map