Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

Alger Hollow Trail

Recommended Users: Equestrians, Hikers, Mountain Bikers
Type: Two-track
Length: 2.1 miles
Sub-Area: Lava Ridge
Zone: Upland
Managing Agency:  BLM
Access:  Diamond Valley East Trailhead—From I-15 Exit 6, turn north on Bluff Street. Travel approximately 12.5 miles to Diamond Valley. Turn right on Diamond Valley Road. Turn right on Sapphire Drive. Turn right on Amethyst turn right onto a gravel road. This road requires high clearance vehicles and may require 4 wheel drive when wet.
Description: Alger Hollow Trail is an old two-track and for some just an out and back experience, but don’t discount what this trail has to offer. Wide open spaces, views of the Pine Valley Mountains, winter habitat for mule deer, and the ability to hike off-trail in the upland zone, make this trail worth a look. Starting at the trailhead, the trail gently drops south and eventually connects to Lange’s Dugway Trail
For those with good orienteering skills, there are many loop possibilities.

Hiker on the two-track trail

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