Target Shooting - Responsible Shooting Tips

There are no designated target shooting areas on BLM-managed lands in the St. George Field Office. BLM policy is to allow the safe use of firearms on public lands, as provided for in state law, and to cooperate with state authorities in the enforcement of firearms regulations.
Individuals have BLM's permission to possess and use legal firearms on BLM-managed public lands, except when prohibited by other applicable laws and regulations. Using firearms safely is the responsibility of the user. 

Due to high public use, shooting is specifically prohibited at BLM's developed recreation sites: Baker Dam Recreation Area, Red Cliffs Recreation Area, Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, Santa Clara/Land Hill ACEC.

It is imperative to follow all state laws, as well as city and county ordinances concerning the safe and legal use of weapons and ammunition. Many cities and towns in Washington County have ordinances specific to firearm discharge. Please contact the appropriate municipality and learn their rules before going target shooting.

NOTE:  For residents and visitors to the Washington County area, target shooting opportunties can also be enjoyed at the Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park (SUSSP). The SUSSP is a publicly owned and operated facility located adjacent to the Washington County Fairgrounds in Hurricane, Utah.  Five venues are currently offered: Rifle/Pistol, Sporting Clays, Tactical, Cowboy Action, and Archery. All venues are open to the public and supervised by a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.  Days and hours of operation and other information can be found at their web site

Please Shoot Responsibly

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