Special Recreaton Permits

Permit Fees

Fees for recreational use of public lands and waters are charged to commercial users, vendors, competitive event participants and spectators, and participants in organized group activities and events which require a permit.
The minimum annual fee for any commercial SRP is currently $105. A pre-payment of estimated user fees is required before any use can occur. The pre-payment amount should be based on an annual revenue estimate agreed to by both the permittee and the authorized officer. When revenues are uncertain (i.e., for the first year of a new operation), the minimum fee of $100 or an estimate agreed to by both parties is appropriate. For competitive events and organized groups, fee estimates will be based on the anticipated number of participants.
Commercial Use Fees
The fee for commercial use is 3% of the gross receipts.

Vendor Use Fees
These are calculated in the same manner as commercial use fees. Vendor fees may also include an assigned site fee and/or exclusive use fee.

Competitive Use Fees
Fees are charged on a per-user day basis for participants, as a percentage of gross receipts, or the $100 minimum fee, whichever is greater. The per-user day rate is currently $5/participant/day. When use is both commercial and competitive, the higher fee will be charged.

Organized Group/Event Fees
The fee for this type of use is currently $5/participant/day.