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Special Recreation Permits

Special Recreation Permits (SRPs) are authorizations that allow specific recreational uses of BLM managed public lands. They are issued as a means to manage visitor use, protect natural and cultural resources, and provide a mechanism to accommodate commercial recreational uses. Authorized by the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act, SRPs are required for the following types of uses:
  • commercial
  • vending
  • competitive
  • and organized group activities and events.
The Special Recreation Permits Program

The objective of the Special Recreation Permits program is to satisfy recreational demand within allowable use levels in an equitable, safe, and enjoyable manner while minimizing resource impacts and user conflicts. An SRP, authorizes a permittee to use BLM managed lands for permitted purposes only. This use is subject to the terms and conditions of each individual permit.

The terms and conditions of each permit are based on management objectives described in the St. George Field Office Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan, Recreation Area Management Plans, or in their absence, through recreation management objectives resulting from analysis of resources and visitor use in each area.

The issuance of an SRP is a discretionary action and the proper administration of an SRP requires numerous steps and the full engagement of the BLM staff and managers.  The authorized officer may issue an SRP only when it has been their determination that the BLM has the capacity to properly administer the permit.  If the field office cannot fulfill, or complete, all the necessary steps of a use authorization, then no SRP shall be issued. The administration of SRPs is guided by 43 CFR Part 2930, the BLM Manual 2930, and the H-2930-1 Recreation Permit Administration Handbook. For a fuller understanding of this guidance click here


Please contact the St. George Field Outdoor Recreation Planner if you have any further questions regarding the Special Recreation Permits program or if you would like to hold a pre-application meeting.  

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