Cave Routes

White Route

Main Route to bottom of Big Room via the Fanny Flume
The white flagged route leads to the bottom of the Big Room. This route is the most commonly used path through the cave.

The route starts at the South Entrance and goes straight to the Boardwalk where the cave register is found. After leaving the room just below the Boardwalk, the top of the Big Room (White #6) is entered. The high-angle slope drops about 70 ft to 100 ft to the bottom of the cave. After crossing the top of the Big Room, the route is marked going down the safer, but tighter, Fanny Flume (White #8-10), rather than the obvious and heavily used route leading straight down the well-exposed Big Room. To go directly down the Big Room a 100-ft handline or rappel is recommended. If going down the Fanny Flume, a short 50-ft handline and good teamwork is recommended. The White Route ends as it reaches the bottom of the Big Room (White #11).

White Route within Bloomington Cave

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