Cave Routes

Orange Route

The Miseries - Lunch Room to Big Room
This route connects the Lunch Room to the bottom of the Big Room. The route has slippery traverses on high-angled slopes with respectable exposure. The odds of slipping are higher than the Big Room, but the results would be a fast out-of-control slide, rather than Big Room's straight-out fall. The route starting near the Lunch Room is very mazy; use caution not to lose the flagged route.
The route starts from Green #16 where the orange flagging leads down the easiest route down into the lower room. The route then zigzags through the room's boulder field and then starts a steep descent into the cave. The first climb has a handline that other explorers left behind; however, the flagging shows an easier way to chimney down by using the ceiling and the floor to avoid the spacious short drop.

The route continues down with some interesting high pitching passages to follow. Good shoes will show their benefits through here. This type of traversing and climbing continues to keep you in the easier wider passages until a real bottom is reached. At the end of the route, you easily walk into the bottom of the Big Room (White #11.) Follow the white route to the South Entrance (White #0).

Orange Route within Bloomington Cave

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