NCA Resource Management Plans & Plan Amendment

Background Documents

In 2011, the BLM entered into a Cooperative Agreement with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to collaborate on key management issues for the Red Cliffs and Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Areas. In conjunction with the BLM and other stakeholders, TNC applied the process of Landscape Conservation Forecasting™ to fulfill a primary objective of the Agreement: Guide the development of specific, cost‐effective fire and vegetation management actions to maintain, enhance or restore vegetation conditions in the NCAs, and/or enhance the suitability of their desert tortoise habitat. (5.5 MB)

Summary of Washington County’s Economic Strategies Workshop (300 kb)

An Economic Strategies Workshop was conducted to comply with BLM’s Land Use Planning Handbook during the St. George Field Office’s Resource Management Plan (RMP) process. The purpose of the workshop was to identify BLM management opportunities that further the social and economic goals of area communities. To further this goal, participants and BLM explored the existing role of BLM in the community and where community desired conditions could be supported during the RMP.

This Socioeconomic Baseline Report has been prepared to assist in the current land use planning efforts for the Resource Management Plans for the Red Cliffs and Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Areas. As part of this planning process, socioeconomic information will be used to help develop management alternatives and in the analysis of the potential impacts of the management alternatives.

This baseline report addresses social, cultural, and economic conditions and trends within the “socioeconomic study area”. These conditions and trends affect current and future uses of BLM public land resources. Conversely, decisions made by BLM in the current planning process may have social, cultural, and economic impacts. These impacts may be positive or negative, depending on conditions and on the point of view of stakeholders in BLM public land resources. This report provides socioeconomic background information that will assist in the impact analysis later in the planning process. This information can also help inform public discussion during the planning process.

Existing Transportation System Map (43 MB)

The St. George Field Office Existing Transportation System Map shows all roads and trails that are currently open to the public. All roads and primitive roads are open to motorized use. Unless otherwise specified, all trails are open to non-motorized use only.

Roads, primitive roads, and trails shown on state, private, municipal, and other federally managed lands are shown for display purposes only.

Lands With Wilderness Characteristics in Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area and Red Cliffs National Conservation Area in the St. George Field Office (37 MB)

The inventory data for lands with wilderness characteristics was collected using protocols from BLM Manual 6310 - Conducting Wilderness Characteristics Inventory on BLM Lands.