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Lands and Realty

Pending Realty Projects

Anderson Junction Water Improvement Project

The Washington County Water Conservancy District (WCWCD) has submitted an Application to the St. George Field Office proposing to construct a reservoir, water pipeline and associated water collection facility on public land in Washington County, Utah. WCWCD’s project proposal includes the construction of a reservoir site approximately 115-acres in size near Anderson Junction, on the south side of I-15. A 17-mile pipeline would be located along the southern edge of I-15 beginning at the base of the Ash Creek Reservoir dam to the proposed Anderson Junction Reservoir. Water from existing diversions on tributaries to Ash Creek would also be delivered into the proposed pipeline and reservoir. The proposed Anderson Junction Reservoir would require a 145-acre area that would be used for the reservoir, dam, recreation area, and spillway. Water wells would be drilled down gradient (south) of the proposed Reservoir and recharge water would be collected and piped into Washington County’s culinary water system.

Information related to this proposed Project will be periodically updated until the Project is either approved and built or denied.

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BLM to offer 4 parcels of land for public sale

On October 29, 2014, the BLM held a public land auction of 6 parcels of land in Washington County, Utah. Four of the parcels did not receive bids and went unsold. The BLM plans to re-offer these lands for a sealed, competitive bid. Under the competitive bidding procedures, the highest, valid, sealed bid received will be declared the purchaser. Sealed bids will be accepted after an appraisal has determined the fair market value. The opening and closing dates for receiving bids will be announced on this website.
Bidding Procedures

To submit a valid bid, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Bids must be submitted to the St. George Field Office in a sealed bid envelope that is clearly marked on the outside with “BLM Land Sale” and the parcel number.
  2. Bids must be for not less than the appraised fair market value as specified in the table below.
  3. Each sealed bid shall be accompanied by a certified check, postal money order, bank draft, or cashier’s check made payable to the Department of the Interior-BLM for not less than 20 percent of the bid amount.
  4. A statement must be included in the bid envelope showing the total amount bid, the parcel number and the name, address, and phone number of the bidder. A Certificate of Eligibility form must accompany the bid.
  5. Qualified purchasers must be U.S. citizens, 18 years of age or older, a state, state instrumentality, or corporation authorized to hold property in the state in which the land is located. A Certificate of Eligibility will be required of the purchaser prior to issuance of a conveyance document.
  6. The total purchase price for the land shall be paid within 180 days from the date the high bidder is determined. Failure to pay the full price will disqualify the purchaser and the bid deposit will be forfeited.
The following parcels are offered for sale:
Parcel                          Legal Description                                Acres               Fair Market Value
UT-87603                    T. 42 S., R. 16 W., SLM                     12.56               $390,000
Green Valley               Sec. 35, Lot 2,
UT-87605                    T. 42 S., R. 15 W., SLM                     8.74                 $150,000
Coral Canyon              Sec. 13, Lots 2, 5, 8.
UT-87600                    T. 42 S., R. 15 W., SLM                     145.01             $2,250,000
Washington Dome      Sec. 25, Lots, 1, 4, 6, 7,
                                    SW1/4NE1/4, E1/2SE1/4NW1/4,
UT-87602                    T. 43 S., R. 16 W., SLM                     10                    $400,000
Mesa Palms                 Sec. 1, Lot 16.
Sale of the parcels will be subject to the conditions detailed in the Notice of Realty Action published in the Federal Register on August 19, 2014 and any valid existing rights. Prospective bidders should review the Notice and the Sales Matrix for a list of valid existing rights. The general conditions include:
  1. The purchaser will be required to pay a $50 processing fee in addition to the total purchase price for conveyance of the mineral interests to be included with the sale of the land.
  2. All parcels will have a reservation for a right-of-way for ditches and canals constructed thereon by the authority of United States under the Act of August 30, 18980 (43 USC 945).
  3. Access is not guaranteed to any of the parcels.
Supporting Documents