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Lands and Realty

Land Records

Portion of Master Title PlatBLM maintains numerous records pertaining to original land title and patents issued under the various lands and mineral laws of the United States. Other records relate to authorizations granted under several authorities for rights-of-way, permits, leases, state grants, public land surveys, mining claims, public land orders, and other actions affecting title or availability of public lands for operations under the public land laws and regulations.

Extensive information on these records is found on BLM’s Utah State Office website. The website section on Land Records provides access to and information about Master Title Plats, Historical Indexes, Control Document Index (CDI) Aperture Cards, and other key records to assist users of public lands and minerals information. The section on Cadastral Survey provides information on and links to survey plats, field notes, mineral surveys, and related data. The section on LR2000 describes BLM’s Legacy Rehost System which provides reports on authorizations for mineral leasing, rights-of-way, land and mineral title, mining claims, withdrawals, land classifications, and other land and mineral transactions. The section on Geographic Coordinate Data Base contains data representing the Public Land Survey System and provides access to GeoCommunicator and the Land Survey Information System. The section on National Integrated Land System provides searching, accessing, and dynamic mapping for federal land stewardship, land and mineral records, mining claims, and Public Land Survey System affecting BLM and USDA Forest Service lands.