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Zombie Hike

Full Moon Hike Attracts Creatures 
of the Night

It is 7 p.m. on October 18th. Zombies young and old gather at the Chuckwalla trailhead in St George, Utah, as the full yellow moon grows brighter. The air is eerily still and the creosote and blackbrush have a dull glow to them. Five park rangers, representing the BLM St. George Field Office, SUNCLF (Southwest Utah National Conservation Lands Friends), and the ACE (American Conservation Experience) AmeriCorps program, await the zombies’ arrival with pockets full of chocolates and ultraviolet flashlights.

“We are in the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, which has special restrictions,” crowed one of the rangers, “So please stay on the designated trail. We will only be using ultraviolet lights as the moon is bright. Please do not litter or harass any of the wildlife we might come across, and watch your step!”

The horde lurches forward and flashlights scour the trail for scorpions as rangers and participants share stories and curious facts about the local fauna. Coyote howls emanate from dark clusters of undead and the moon looms larger.  

The clock strikes 10 p.m. and the recent flurry of revenant activity is now imperceptible. The 80 or so lurkers, who roamed in groups of 20, have come and gone -- until next year. The cottonwood tree resumes its peaceful air, and a band of bats flits around in search for its next meal.
Four rangers return, the fifth* -- NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN (muahaha)

*No rangers were eaten (or lost) during this resurgence of the dead…...just chocolates*


Four of the five zombie rangers


A zombie family getting their photo taken with one of the zombie rangers. Photo courtesy of SUNCLF

A horde of zombies. Photo courtesy of SUNCLF