In The Spotlight

Land Hill Heritage Site: What Do You See?

The sun has waned over-midway to the West and the petroglyphs are becoming clearer. Bill Banek, the St George Field Office Archaeologist, points out intriguing shapes carved into the stone to three cub scouts, and explains the recent issues the office has had with vandalism around the Land Hill Heritage Site, within the Santa Clara River Reserve, UT, and the importance of stewardship. 

 Bill asks the scouts to offer up ideas on what the petroglyphs might stand for. “That one looks like a sheep!” “And that one looks like an alien!” 

Bill nods and replies: “You are all correct. Nobody can accurately say for sure what they symbolize, although there are many interpretations out there!” 

So, what do you see?

A few petroglyphs stand out against the rock

A petroglpyh on a rock in the Land Hill Heritage Site

Bill Banek, SGFO Archaeologist, pointing out petrogylphs to the cub scouts