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St. George Winter Bird Festival


The Beaver Dam Wash and Red Cliffs National Conservation Areas are participating in the St. George Winter Bird Festival, a three day event put on by the Red Cliffs Audubon Society, highlighting the avian diversity in and around St. George. The Festival includes workshops and presentations, field trips and walks (led by expert birders), as well as events catered to children and much more. 

In the early morning of Friday January 25, Lynn Chamberlain will lead a photography oriented field trip through the Beaver Dam Wash NCA to Lytle Ranch. 

Mid-day Friday, Tim Croissant, Wildlife Biologist for the two NCA’s, is giving a presentation on the purpose of the two NCA’s and will use maps and photographs to highlight some of the locations most suited to birding, as well as which birds one might encounter in those areas. 

Also on Friday, Bob Douglas, St. George Field Office Wildlife Biologist, will be making a presentation titled “Attracting Birds to your Backyard”.

On Saturday January 26, Bob Douglas and Russ Schreiner, SGFO Geologist and avid birder, will lead a field trip through Washington Fields to Green Spring.

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Red-tailed Hawk sitting on a branch

Canyon Wren in Red Cliffs National Conservation Area