Heritage Resources

Legal Protections

Disturbing, destroying, or defacing archaeological sites on public lands is a crime. Collecting arrowheads, pottery, and other artifacts off the ground surface can result in fines and/or prosecution. Buying, selling, trading, or transporting items stolen from these sites are also illegal. Conviction can carry criminal penalties of up to two years in prison and/or $250,000 in fines, as well as civil penalties, vehicle confiscation, and the cost of site repair.
Report vandalism and looting to your local law enforcement official or land management agency. If you observe vandalism or looting, get a description of the perpetrators, vehicles, and vehicle license numbers. You might qualify for a $500 reward, if the information leads to a civil or criminal conviction.   Observe only, do not approach

St. George Field Office (435) 688-3200

Washington County Sheriff’s Department (435) 634-5730

ARPA Hotline 1-800-227-7286