Public Use Sites

Red Cliffs Dinosaur Track Site

Located in the Red Cliffs Recreation Area, within the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, this dinosaur track site features 17 well-preserved tracks. Although it is impossible to know exactly which dinosaurs made these footprints, tracks are tied to a general group of dinosaurs based on shape, size, and arrangement of toe pads. These tracks have been identified as Grallator, Kayentapus, and Eubrontes tracks, which paleontologists suggest were made by bipedal meat-eating theropods during the Jurassic Period.
If you want to check out these tracks, and learn more at the interpreted site, follow the directions for the Silver Reef Trail.


A couple of intersecting Kayentapus Tracks

Please help protect paleontological sites. It is illegal to dig, remove, or collect vertebrate fossils without a permit. Never make molds or castings, or apply anything to fossils and trackways. Never drive over, walk on,
or sit on fossils.