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Forest and Woodland Products

Non Commercial Permit Stipulations

Stipulations for NON COMMERCIAL Harvesting of Fuelwood, Posts, and Christmas Trees
To protect public land resources and ensure that wood gathering activities may be enjoyed by future generations, fuelwood, post, and Christmas tree harvesters are required to follow the permit stipulations listed below.
General Rules for All Harvesters:
  1. Wood harvesters are required to have a valid permit, in their name and in their possession when gathering or transporting wood products.
  2. Only Pinyon and Juniper trees may be harvested with the permit unless otherwise specified, including Christmas tree permits.
  3. Harvesting of wood products is limited to the approved areas specified on the permit.
  4. Wood harvesting is prohibited in designated wilderness areas, wilderness study areas, Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, Red Cliffs and Baker Dam Recreation Areas, riparian areas, within a ½ mile of Smithsonian Butte Back County Byway, Areas of Critical Environment Concern (except for Little Creek Mountain and lower portion of Upper Beaver Dam Wash), Threatened and Endangered species habitat, OHV closed areas, and other areas as identified.
  5. Wood harvesters must maintain a clean site and remove all litter, trash, fuel/oil containers, and discarded parts they generate.
  6. All wood must be harvested within the specified time period on the permit. Extensions are not granted after expiration of the permit.
  7. Gathering of wood products when road conditions are muddy due to wet weather is prohibited.
  8. No commercial harvesting of any type is permitted under a non-commericial permit.
Rules for Christmas Tree Harvesters:
  1. Christmas tree tags (permits) must be purchased before trees can be cut. Tags must be attached to the tree before transporting.
  2. Except for areas identified in #4, Christmas trees may be harvested in most places on lands administered by the SGFO.
  3. Harvesting Christmas trees is not permitted within 50 feet of the graded road.
  4. All vehicles must remain on roadways.
Rules for Fuelwood and Post Harvesters:
  1. All vehicles must remain on roadways.
  2. Only dead and down wood may be collected.
  3. Posts may be cut only in the area specified on the permit.
Violations of the above stipulations or other applicable stipulations such as, but not limited to those specified on the permit, will subject the permit holder to citation and criminal prosecution, loss of wood, and revocation of permit.