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Forest and Woodland Products

The St. George Field Office offers permits for a variety of forestry related products including: fuelwood, Christmas trees, fence posts, plant parts (branches), and seed harvest. Demand for fuelwood permits has been declining the last several years resulting in less than 50 permits issued per year. Christmas tree permits are limited to less than 500 per year but much like fuelwood, demand has been diminishing and less than 400 have been issued in recent years. Both Christmas trees and fuelwood are restricted to pinyon and juniper and harvest is limited to areas outside Wilderness, Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, Threatened and Endangered Species habitat and other sensitive areas. Seed harvest is also limited and usually amounts to fewer than 10 permits per year. Recent wildfires have affected 75 percent or more of the woodlands within the St. George Field Office severely reducing the quantity of woodland products available in this area. With the increase of cheatgrass and red brome it is likely that fires will continue affecting the availability of forest products for some time.

Because local demand would rapidly exhaust the available supply, sales of desert vegetation such as yucca, cactus, and Joshua trees are limited to designated salvage areas by special permit only. Salvage areas occur infrequently and typically include lands under construction for major utilities or other large projects approved by BLM.
Permits can be obtained at the St. George Field Office. For information on commercial permits, please contact the St. George Field Office Rangeland Management Specialist.

Christmas Tree Harvest Areas Map

Fuelwood Harvest Areas Map-West

Fuelwood Harvest Areas Map-East

Non Commercial Permit Stipulations

Non Commercial Permit Costs

Globe Mallow for Seed Harvest