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Biological Resources

Special Status Species

Federally Listed Plants and Animals

Under the Endangered Species Act, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is required to identify species of plants and animals that are endangered of becoming extinct or threatened by their potential for becoming endangered. Eleven species have been listed as threatened or endangered in Washington County, Utah. BLM is required to manage habitats for such species in a manner that would promote their recovery. The St. George Field office works collaboratively with county, state, and other federal agencies and tribes to sustain these plants and animals, some of which are found only in or around Washington County. For more information on federally listed species visit the Fish and Wildlife Service website.

BLM/State Sensitive Plants and Animals

By Administrative Rule R657-48, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resource maintains the Utah Sensitive Species List which contains wildlife species that are federally listed, candidates for federal listing, or for which a conservation agreement is in place. Additional species are added to the list as “wildlife species of concern” where there is credible scientific evidence to substantiate a threat to continued viability of populations of such species. It is anticipated that wildlife species of concern designations will identify species for which conservation actions are needed, and that timely and appropriate conservation actions implemented on their behalf will preclude the need to list these species under the provisions of the federal Endangered Species Act. Forty-nine species have been designated by the State through inclusion on the approved list (updated October 17, 2006). For more information on BLM/State Sensitive Species visit the Division of Wildlife Resources Utah Conservation Data Center website.


T & E Species List

Sensitive Species List

  Dwarf Bearclaw Poppy plant is endangered.





 Gila Monster is a sensitive species. Photo by Cameron Rognan copyrighted.





 Ferruginous Hawk is sensitive