LaVerkin Creek Wilderness

At 445 acres, LaVerkin Creek is the largest of four BLM managed Wilderness areas that border Zion National Park. Its southern boundary with the park is over 1.25 miles long. Like Goose Creek Wilderness, this area consists of steep canyon walls that drop into a creek drainage. This drainage is LaVerkin Creek, a “wild” river in the National Wild and Scenic River System.  The northwest corner of the Wilderness contains the lower reach of Bear Canyon.
Access to this Wilderness is difficult as the area is surrounded by private property on its western, eastern, and northern borders, and is remotely located at the northern boundary of the National Park. Similar to Goose Creek, Bear Trap, and Taylor Creek Wilderness, the habitat value of LaVerkin Creek Wilderness is greatly enhanced by its proximity to Zion National Park and the thousands of acres of remote, private wild lands surrounding it. The Wilderness sits at an elevation of 6,800. Dense vegetation including pines, juniper, and scrub oak; canyon wall created shade; access to water; and other factors create habitat suitable for a large of plants and animals.


Red-Tailed Hawk perched on tree branch.