Goose Creek Wilderness

The 98 acres of Goose Creek are remote and rugged.  Goose Creek, itself, designated “wild,” flows through the Wilderness area at the start of the steep and deep Goose Creek Canyon.  Over 1,000 feet of elevation change occurs from the bottom of the canyon to top of the Wilderness area.  Zion National Park resides on the wilderness area’s western and southern borders, with the southern border stretching for half a mile.  Private lands surround its eastern and southern borders.
Sitting at about 6,800 feet, the landscape is typical of high elevation desert: dense tree stands on the slopes and thick riparian vegetation thriving in the canyon’s steep walled shade. A mix of ponderosa and pinyon pine, and Utah juniper grow on top of the sandstone cliffs. Birds such as hawks, and golden eagles ride the air currents above the canyon walls, while a variety of mammals use both the uplands and the canyon bottoms.


Golden Eagle photo by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources