Beaver Dam Mountains Wilderness

This wilderness was designated by the Arizona Wilderness Act of 1984. Approximately 2,700 acres of the 15,000 acre designated Wilderness are located in Washington County, Utah, north of the Virgin River Gorge and Interstate I-15, on public lands managed by BLM’s St. George Field Office.

The Beaver Dam Mountains are composed of gray-tan limestone cliffs and peaks that are sparsely covered with Mojave Desert vegetation, including narrow-leaf yucca, Utah agave, and creosote bush. Desert bighorn sheep, Gambel’s quail, and the threatened Mojave Desert tortoise are among the native wildlife for which habitat is protected in this wilderness. The Virgin River flows along the southern boundary of the unit and supports several native fish, including the Virgin River chub and woundfin, both endangered species.

Recreational uses of this wilderness include hunting, primitive camping, climbing, and hiking. During high water periods in the spring, rafting and kayaking on the Virgin River are popular recreation activities.


Beaver Dam Wilderness with joshua trees, cholla, and creosote.