Gooseberry Mesa National Recreation Trail

Yellow Trail

Recommended Users: Mountain Bikers, Hikers
Type: Singletrack
Length: 0.54 miles
Difficulty: Most Difficult
Management Area: Gooseberry Mesa National Recreation Trail
Sub-Area: Gooseberry Mesa
Managing Agency: SITLA
Access: White Trailhead – From City of St. George travel north on Interstate 15. Take exit 16 to Hurricane City. Turn right on Main Street. Take the first left onto State Route 59. Turn left on Smithsonian Butte National Backcountry Byway. At 2.8 miles from the SR 59, turn left and travel northwest 3.3 miles until reaching the Gooseberry Trailhead. Turn left at the Gooseberry Trailhead and travel west for 1.3 miles to reach the White Trailhead.
Description: Although this trail is entirely on SITLA (School Institutional Trust Lands), it is listed here in order to describe all the Gooseberry Mesa trails in their entirety. The Yellow Trail was user created as a means to avoid the sandy sections of the White Trail. If you choose to use this trail, please respect private property and stay on the trail.

Gooseberry Mesa Trails Map

Gooseberry Mesa Brochure