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Gooseberry Mesa National Recreation Trail

This National Recreation Trail is located on Gooseberry Mesa in southern Utah's red rock country.  At an elevation of 5,200 feet, views from the mesa rims are spectacular.  Rising to the north are the massive sandstone sentinels of Zion National Park.  Spread out below the west rim is a panorama of colorful desert mesas and water carved canyons.

The Gooseberry Mesa National Recreation Trail is actually a system of trails sweeping across the mesa.  Developed in the late 1990's through cooperative efforts, it received National Recreation Trail status in 2006.

For information on recommended trail users, maps, difficulty ratings, and other important facts please download the Gooseberry Mesa Brochure.

Gooseberry Mesa

IMPORTANT: Smithsonian Butte National Back County Byway (Smithsonian Butte Road) received heavy rainfall recently, causing severe erosion to the road surface. Vehicle travel from Grafton Road to Wire Mesa is not recommended. Gooseberry Mesa National Recreation Trail can be accessed from Smithsonian Butte Road from Highway 59.

Gooseberry Mesa Brochure

Gooseberry Mesa Map

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