Areas of Critical Environmental Concern

Santa Clara/Land Hill ACEC

Santa Clara/Land Hill ACECThis 1,645 acre area is located on the south boundary of Ivins City and on the southwest corner of Santa Clara City. It contains numerous prehistoric Ancestral Puebloan sites, Southern Paiute sites, and extensive prehistoric rock art sites. It also contains essential riparian resources along the Santa Clara River: habitat for the Virgin spinedace, migratory birds and non-game birds, and potential habitat for the endangered Southwestern willow flycatcher. The ACEC resources are at risk of damage from archaeological site looting and vandalism, illegal dumping, and inappropriate recreation uses, especially target shooting, paint ball games, and motorized OHV travel.

This ACEC is incorporated in whole into the Santa Clara River Reserve and is known as the Land Hill Heritage Site (a heritage public use site).  For recreational opportunities in the Land Hill Heritage Site visit the Santa Clara River Reserve web page.  Please see the Santa Clara River Reserve Recreation and Open Space Management Plan for information on management strageties that allow for visitor experiences while protecting ACEC values. To visit or learn more about the cultural heritage found within the ACEC visit the Land Hill Heritage Site.