Areas of Critical Environmental Concern

Little Creek Mountain ACEC

Little Creek Mountain ACECThis 19,302 acre area is located 15 miles southeast of the city of St. George and one mile north of the Utah/Arizona state line. While less than 50% of the ACEC land base has been inventoried by professional archeologists, more than 500 prehistoric sites have been documented to date. These sites are eligible for listing to the National Register of Historic Places as an historic district, as they contain important scientific information about upland occupations by the Ancestral Puebloan horticulturalists between approximately 300 B.C and 1300 A.D.   Site types include habitation sites, rock art sites, and rock shelters with cultural deposits. The sites are at risk from illegal activities, such as looting and vandalism; unauthorized off-road motorized vehicle travel, unmanaged mountain biking and trail proliferation, unauthorized green wood cutting; and livestock grazing impacts.