BLM Special Areas

Areas of Critical Environmental Concern

Where BLM determines in its land use plans that certain public land areas require special management to prevent irreparable damage to important historic, cultural, or scenic values, fish and wildlife resources, or other natural systems, it may designate, with public participation, such lands as Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs). To qualify, the resources at risk must have substantial significance or values beyond local concerns. The St. George Field Office currently has 10 ACECs designated on public lands within Washington County, Utah.

Specific land use prescriptions and protective measures for each ACEC are described in the St. George Field Office Resource Management Plan and Record of Decision of March 1999.

Map of ACECs

Petroglyphs in the Santa Clara/Land Hill ACECDwarf Bearclaw Poppy in the Red Bluff ACECHistoric Fort Pearce in the Warner Ridge/Fort Pearce ACECGreat Blue Herons frequent the Santa Clara/Gunlock ACEC