Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a popular and expanding recreational activity on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Thousands of miles of roads and trails provide access for mountain bikers and other users: hunters, hikers, equestrian users, target shooting enthusiasts, OHV users, prospectors, livestock managers and more.

In the Salt Lake Field Office, riders may witness the beauty and solitude of the deserts and mountains of the Great Basin ecosystem.  Panoramas of scenic beauty unfold beneath spring sunrises or late summer sunsets.  Topography varies from rolling roads surrounding the rugged Silver Island Mountains to the high meadows of Mill Canyon in the East Tintic Mountains.  Seasonal Use:  Spring is the most popular and enjoyable season to ride mountain bikes in western Utah.  March through May are fresh with new wild flowers and an abundance of observable wildlife. 

A BLM designated mountain bike trail is located at Stansbury Island in Tooele County, just off of I-80. Click on the map link to the right to learn more.

Mountain Biking - Tread Lightly

Tips for Responsible Mountain Biking

Stansbury Is Mtn Bike Trail

Events:  Permits are required from BLM for commercial, competitive, or organized group bike events.  Casual riding is encouraged and free.  Please make safety a priority.

Public mountain bike rides/races are occasionally sponsored by private organizations across BLM lands.  For information on dates and permit requirements, contact the Salt Lake Field Office at (801) 977-4300.